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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Food and baking!

So i thought i would be creative, bought a slow cooker a while back and whilst we havent been too adventurous i had a genius idea a while back. Before we went to a party we loaded it up with some gammon, veg and cider, the plan being to turn it one before we went to bed and thus lunch would be ready when we got up. It was okay, somehow the gammon was a little dry - i'm suspecting overcooking!
Anyway so the 2litres of cider that it had been cooking in i was determined not to go to waste, we had risotto the other night - useing the stock! Very nice although the addition of Choritzo for me was too salty. An tonight i had the genious idea of using my ham cider stock to make parsnip soup. I've seen recipys for curries pasnip and apple soup and thought my ham cider stock would be a good cheat (and without the curried part as well!!). How right i was!! Although i grant you it looks alittle like baby food, creamy coloured puree - but man how it tastes!!! WOWEEE!!

So whilst my soup was a cooking i decided to test out a recipe for Mincemeat Muffins! Very nice sounding however the recipe says makes 20, only having a 12 muffin tin i thought its okay i will just do 12 big ones.......mmmmm theres a mess currently cooking in my oven :-( suspect i will be cleaning that out tonight! Dont hold your breath on their taste either coz i am not sure they are going to cook all the way through. Nevermind. Whatch this space!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Shipwhight yard

The alley next to our local watering hole, where we hold court n smoke.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

late nigth when you should be alseep

hello hello,

its late and i should be tired, but i am not. i expect to pay for this later on mind!
read an interesting article at some point this week, which made the sarcastic part of my mind cackle like mad. apparently the 'clean skies' policy which Europe has been following for the best part of the last 20 odd years, has contributed to global warming!!
where the massively thick 'pea-soupers' of old were full of noxious gases they were also stopping the full power of the suns rays from penetrating, now that the sky's clearer we are getting more of the suns rays and thus the earth is warming up. Gotta love the double edged sword there!